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Jung and Sex provides a comprehensive analysis of C.G. Jung’s views and clinical approaches to sexual issues and their treatment. It is an essential text for understanding critical dimensions of human sexuality. The book also provides important new contemporary perspectives for helping those suffering with sexual difficulties. 

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Edward Santana, in his brave book Jung and Sex, does something that is long overdue...in a magnificent effort to renew our thinking about the spiritual dimensions of sexuality.
— Ginette Paris, Ph.D.
Edward Santana’s Jung and Sex effectively answers the question: what would a nineteenth century born psychologist have to contribute to the field of sexual studies and therapeutic treatment, especially in an era dominated by behaviorism and cognitive psychologies.
— James Hollis, Ph.D., Jungian Analyst
This book should be required reading for any psychotherapist who treats people suffering from sexual difficulties. It will fill a void in the Jungian literature on sexuality.
— Lionel Corbett, M.D., Jungian Analyst
a brilliant study of Jung’s work....and the importance of recognizing sexual life as a deep, exquisite expression of the human soul
— Lyn Cowan, Ph.D., Jungian Analyst

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Missing Dimension (2019)

As the financial crash of 2008 swept the globe and businesses shrank overnight, I decided to put aside a nearly completed manuscript I had been working on for more than a year. I placed it in a marked box and tossed it into storage where it remained for the next ten years. By complete surprise, late last year I awoke from a mysterious dream that sought to bring this book back to life. I reluctantly dug out the long-forgotten work, dusted off the old pages and found the research I had collected. As I began reviewing it again, I came to realize that I had quite unconsciously laid out on its pages a rough blueprint for my life, much of which had transpired over the unfolding decade. The numinous dream had purposely brought me back to the original spark of this important personal work. 

The Missing Dimension is an examination of the nature of individuation, spirituality, and the dynamics of consciousness in a search for meaning—mostly emerging from a winding personal journey through various clinical treatment settings, the halls of Congress, corporate boardrooms, and from visits to spiritual outposts such as the temple of the Dalai Lama.

Through collected stories and research, this book provides just one spectrum of possibility in our world—through an exploration of how we approach relationships, business, politics, psychology, and spirituality.

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“Ascending to Dharamsala, I felt great relief from the fourteen-hour drive from New Delhi, which included navigating hundreds of narrow...(more)


The Sexual Soul (2020)

This book is a resource and layperson's guide to the depth psychological insights detailed in my earlier book, Jung and Sex. The guide provides an applied and accessible look at many of C.G. Jung's most important ideas, as well as those of James Hillman and others. This indepth resource is meant to directly support those individuals struggling with complex sexual concerns--to aid them in developing an alignment with their own depths and to ascertain how their symptoms might be expressing other elements from deep within. Coming in 2020.

The Unconscious Organization (Late 2019)

This work examines the powerful role of the unconscious in business and organizational dynamics, and looks at the soul at work within the forces surrounding innovation, complexity, and collective empowerment. From the pathological to the inspired, organizations are driven mostly by unconscious factors--to which little if any attention, knowledge, or skill are applied. This book is about tending and accessing those vital dimensions. Coming in 2019.