Dr. Ed Santana




Clients have access to an online portal, where they can conveniently select or cancel appointments at any time, as well as access payment options, receipts and forms. They may also call (415) 644-3400. See available appointments here:  


Office Appointments: I offer individual therapy sessions at my office that are typically 50-minutes in length, although I do provide longer sessions as needed. I also provide couples therapy sessions that are 75-minutes.

Online & Videoconference:  I also offer online or videoconference sessions for residents of California, the Province of Ontario, and other eligible international locations. These sessions are only recommended for non-crisis related issues. 

Fees & Insurance

Fees:  Individual therapy sessions (50-min.) at $150. Couples therapy sessions (75-min) at $200. *I also provide discounted rates for online therapy or for those with financial needs. I believe therapy should be accessible to all and I am happy to discuss options to support your particular needs.

I accept payments by credit card, Venmo, Zelle, and through tax-benefit programs such as Health Savings Accounts or Flexible Spending Accounts.

Insurance: I am an out-of-network provider and covered under many PPO plans as a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist (US) or under extended health benefit plans as a Registered Psychotherapist (Canada). Depending on your coverage, there may be options for reimbursement. I provide all clients with detailed receipts to submit for coverage.

Other Services

Coaching: Some individuals might prefer working with a coach to focus on a more specific set of goals or actions, and to achieve specific outcomes in a more directive and engaged way. Coaching and therapy are quite distinct and appeal to different people at different times. Please see my site focused on coaching for more information if that interests you. I also hold certifications from Georgetown University in Leadership Coaching, Transformational Leadership, and Senior Executive Leadership. Visit the site here: IntlCoaching.com

Supervision & Trainings:  My approach to working with complex cases, particularly with sexual difficulties, is detailed in my book Jung and Sex. I regularly lecture, teach, and offer trainings to other therapists and graduate students on depth psychological approaches to sex and sexuality. I also offer professional consultations to other therapists on complex cases on an individual basis to support research and study in the field. Feel free to get in touch.